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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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Got hungry

Fat children sighed a little, pokryakhtel, and the nekukda wants to disappear, to eat.Limped to beds, began poklot.Fortunately, they did not manage to refuse ability to weed.All beds were weeded.Got hungry forces are not present.Then the hostess gave them carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, a chesknok, greens, bread black.They ate, with water from a well washed down and felt much better.Have a rest and became farther to work.They lived at the kind granny tsekly week.


It unties from below up all knots, throws back in different directions halves of fabric and straightens ties from the different parties.Two hands it undertakes fabric halves in corners and combines them on to the middle.He takes two lower ties and puts them at each other crosswise.Actions with ties carry out not all hand, but only brush.The same happens to all other ties.Then the teacher pushes the end of the top tie under lower also pulls for it.So the knot turns out.

Seniors are for them

Besides the threeyearold will show interest in that does fiveyearold as that not so far left him.And seniors become heroes and teachers mi, and kids their admirers.Seniors are for them inspiration source, and they continue their work.At school of other type, where all children in a class of one age, those, that it is cleverer, can easily teach others, but it hardly when it is permitted.The only thing that they can do it is to an otva chat on the teacher's questions when less reasonable it to make cannot.

If freedom

Any can dominate and suppress weak and ugne gene, but nobody can force another to develop.Development cannot be taught.If freedom is understood as a permission to the child to do it that he will want, using, or, more precisely, abusing available things, it is obvious that will develop roofing felt to deviation, aberrations will be multiplied.Normalization comes through concentration on Oprah to divided work.For this purpose we have to provide a stima ly to activity, so well being equitable to interests the child that they draw his close attention.

The real

We, for example, could wait when Chernysh finishes the dog affairs, and then to spank and to turn him out to prokhladitsya.And if there are some ways how you solve which needs to choose?Annie asked.The real psychologist has to try each method in turn to be convinced what of them most effective, and then to apply it in training.We could make so and in a case with our Chernysh, but the first method was so good that we did not need to try others.Well, and from what to me to start training and reeducating Mary?

As soon

It forced itself not to be afraid of the dark and began to go on a hall, to look in dark corners and to touch shadows on walls.She guessed.As soon as its lies stopped being lies and turned into the truth, darkness at once was gone, and in a hall again became svetklo.Lisa strongly wanted home, she looked round around and saw one more door.Perhaps, through this door it is possible to leave this opposite palace filled with my nonsense, it podukmat.But it was not the exit.

As to you to define: in what

Your rights If you decided that you need to establish more equal relationship with the son or the daughter, now you have to define, what your rights and to start defending them.As to you to define: in what your rights consist?At first sight can seem as if your rights are something that belonged to you from the moment of the birth and that is also integral and it is invariable belongs to you, as your ears and hands.However, when you realize that in different time and in different parts of the world people had very different rights, to you it will become clear: the congenital rights as those do not exist.

It noticed

Mother did not receive the hair dryer, but had pleasant feeling satisfactions from that actually for the first time stood for itself.It noticed also that other her daughters not only complained on injustice, but also a lot of things were stated to Sallie concerning the incident.In the next months mother Sallie showed a lot of persistence, and though business went hardly, in many respects it became much easier for it.We told that it is necessary to do if your child steals from you.

He knows

In this case you have to know that insufficiently well listened to yours internal signaller.He knows that you want actually, and he will give to you discomfort signals in connection with any answer and action which are incorrect for you.You need to realize only better it and to show more devotion in relation to the inner self.Your son calls you.You consult on your signaller that it is necessary to make to feel better, and first received by you the answer is as follows: Strike it!

It considered

The address of the child to the teacher HELP me to MAKE IT MOST became a symbol of pedagogics of Maria Montessori who urged to make free development of the person and in it saw disposal from lack of identity of it.It worked with children without imperative mood and from the smallest age provided will to their independent actions, special, deeply personal attitudes.It considered teachers as researchers observers.If the scientific pedagogics is fated to be born from studying of the personality, this studying has to consist in supervision of free children Maria wrote Montessori.

It is a distinctive

Absorbing that it finds round itselfhimself, it to a form rut own personality.It is a distinctive feature of the first period of its stay and the world If the child feels aspiration to subdue okruzha pi its world, so it finds I in it defined at m to gslnost.Therefore allow us to notice, using, and.Mi to be, expression not absolutely pertinent here that the child N poblen to the world.We could also repeat vsledg 'Of subjects' that the world turns to the child storonoshchdksh iiuii of the exciting incentives.

It was necessary

Annie very much worried.She simply could not wait for the next day.The next morning when Annie came to school, she already looked forward when, at last, Mary starts it teasing.So there was a wish to show the selfconfidence and absolute indifference to that it was possible to expect from adverse party.It was necessary to wait long enough, but, at last, this moment came.Annie kept the Olympic calm, without having awarded with attention the offender.To what it is healthy!

Unless all our efforts

That it is necessary to know that the human represents norm.Unless all our efforts were not directed on removal obstacles from a way of development of the child and on control opas nost and misunderstandings which everywhere threaten it?This education understood as the help of life; image vaniye from the moment of the birth which raises the peace revolution also unites all a common goal, attracting to food to Nome to the center.Mothers, fathers, politicians everything owe objed to nitsya in the respect and the help for this delicate formation yatelnost, which small child you polnyat in depth of psychological secret, under guide of the internal teacher.

Let your

Certainly, it not so.In most cases he hates a wet bed even more, than you.It is not necessary to limit children in the liquid use.Drink actually helps them with performance of exercises for extension of a bladder and strengthening of his muscles.Let your child normally satisfy thirst.However it is before going to bed recommended to abstain from the drinks containing carbonic acid and caffeine as they irritate a bladder, forcing it too soon and too often to send the dispatch with the requirement: Empty me!

Or he feels

Perhaps, you were not enough are firm, and your actions are rather clear to the child, when you took these steps; or, maybe, the child was so occupied with something, that did not capture an events essense.Or he feels so it is safe when he or her is perceived as bad and irresponsible, that simply is not able to afford to see in you another, equal to the person having own rights and requirements.In any case as it seems to us, the child is threatened by real danger to grow with representation that other people mean nothing and that he has the right on care of people around, without giving them thus anything in exchange.

From the simplest

Then on mobile the child willingly will answer you the question Where are you?something like in B square and will not take offense at your correspondence examination.All games on observation development will be not so superfluous.From the simplest close eyes to the child and ask: What at me today a hairdress?You, perhaps, are surprised, but very many children cannot answer.Many cannot even tell, what color of an eye at you.These games on the road are not less useful let the child on memory will tell, from what party on the way to school the tree is tumbled down.


We remove a droplet from a spoon.Dip a tablespoon in sauce, syrup or other viscous liquid.Lift a spoon, on its tip the drop is formed.Ask the child to remove a drop a language tip.Do not bring a spoon too close to a face of the kid he has to try to take a droplet with tongue.It is necessary to carry out exercise times a day within three months.We spit out crumbs.Distribute on lips of the child of a grain of sugar or a crumb of cookies.Suggest it to get rid of them without hands, moving thus lips and language.


From the letter Boris Mikhaylovich learned that after his exit from hospital there was a bombardment, the hospital was destroyed, and Mashenka got wound which absolutely changed her appearance.Absolutely incidentally she got on an exhibition, and having seen the portrait, wrote to Boris Mikhaylovich that her relatives, her family which was born already then, in peace years, never saw it in the an iznachaliya.And only thanks to a portrait they met that girl who became then their mother and the wife.


Or on the tired reddened eyes that elder sister did not drive away it from the computer, but enjoyed silence and rest all two hours of your absence.Do not speak as you guessed, and discuss that it broke.Violated the rule, and therefore.a conclusion according to what technique of penalties you developed.The second plus at this way the child knowing that control it will be trained more successfully in selfchecking.Because that such selfchecking how not a voice of parents the internal parent who sits in each person and whispers, both demands, and reminds?


Any receptions giving a resonance effect can be for this purpose used, considering how they influence and that with their help it is possible to make for development of the child if to apply them with ability and understanding.Reactions of autichny children to music are very various therefore there are very difficult technicians conducting to understanding by such children of that pleasure which is brought by music.In the book it is said how we can estimate and direct musical development of the child at different stages for several years.

I never

It just the same as I Cynthia told.I test the same, as it, in relation to the sister.It I test the same, as it, in relation to the sister Annie told.They stared at each other in perplexity.Strange Annie told.I never knew that you feel the same, as I Cynthia told.And I never knew it Enni.agreed They looked at each other more attentively.Girls mother addressed to them you want to listen to the end of the story up to the end?Of course Annie told.

Simple household

Unfortunately, both hair and clothes become shorter, and similar toys meet more and more seldom … I want to share idea which amazingly gives to the child reverence of a wind and helps to feel very tectonics of an inner world.Simple household things again will be necessary for these complex challenges.Namely, the smallest multicolored polyethylene bags and a wire hoop, as at a net which can be fixed on a stick which size will not complicate a children's hand.Together with children it is possible to start making future miracle.


As it is paradoxical, such behavior most often testifies that the child wants to be in the center of attention constantly.Especially it concerns children with speech problems.Similar behavior I call pupizmzemlizm.This some kind of provoking of mother or father.The position of the child is defined by spirit of a contradiction.The behavior of a nekhochuk or nebuduk speaks about the internal tension in which there is a child.It is necessary to try not to attach great value to stubborn denial, to ignore it.

It is represented

It is represented that sometimes music, on the contrary, aggravates isolation and does a wall between the child and the outside world is even thicker.For most of ordinary people musical experiences are means to escape from habitual reality in an acceptable way.However for the child with autism which is cut so already off from the outside world, uncontrolled playing music threatens undesirable and even with dangerous consequences if it is not the perceived and conscious reality.

They claim, that

Unfortunately, many think, that this freakish activity, disorganizing personality, actually develops spiritual life.They claim, that the imagination in itself is creative; it, on the contrary, on itself anything, only shadows, pebbles and dry leaves.Spiritual life actually is under construction on fundamental ache to a basis of the complete personality staying in harmony with outside world.The wandering reason which is torn off from real Nosta, also, should be told, departs from healthy norm.

that meanwhile

Thanks to these efforts it is more increasing also pain llli I otrolirut the movements of the hands.that meanwhile happens to other couple konech , im' it is not required interventions reason Here, sozna There is purely anatomic process of fast development Mshzhechka, special body for control of muscles, support

And here

And only later it could come off me and work more independently.After a year of occupations by the movements under music the boy understood how to take some simple steps of national dance, and could make couple to other dancer.He very much liked to dance and was ready to join dancing group.And here was decided to stop gradually our individual occupations with Oliver, the lasting some years.To it suggested to go to clinic where I was engaged with children with autism; there was also a dancing group.

Also console. Nobody

In the house

In the house of one of my friends there were some heavy stools, and I saw the oneandahalfyearold child who decided to transfer them itself in another also did it of one end of the room with noticeable by effort.Children like to help to set the table and carry in hands such huge loaves of bread, what even feet under itself do not see.They will continue it to do, transferring things to and fro, until are tired at all.Adults usually stremit sya to relieve them of this freight, but psychologists are convinced today, what is the intervention interrupting chosen caji™?

No that

Here only our bed did not want to prosykpatsya at all.But do not think that she did not love the girl.No that you!It is all about the whims.Remember that the bed had very whimsical girl?And so, as soon as prikhokdit time to go to bed, Anechka started going on: I do not want in a bed!I will not go to sleep!Began to cry and even stamped legs.And who will like such otnoksheniye?And every evening the bed longed more and more.And once solved finally: Anechke does not need me!

Who eats

And in me vitamin C, potato jumped up.It vazhkny all others.Who eats vitamin C, that does not catch a cold!Here they cried all chorus and nearly fought.The Bolkshy tablespoon which was silently dozing near a plate rose, splashed on broth and told: Will be enough to argue!Here Nastya will hear that soup magic and that the one who well eats, quickly grows and is not ill, will be delighted and will eat all of you together with vitamins!And I heard, heard!

And when

us a normal family, the child, all as is necessary.And when with the girl it became difficult for you?From the first day!Whether will believe, she something demanded all the time, and then also began to take offense at the slightest pretext.And all the theater, all continuous hypocrisy gets into conversation the father.You know, it in general very much in the childhood is similar to me, I too was the same liar and the crybaby, can only believe me I had on that reasons.You would see my mummy!

There are some

Wonder absolutely seriously: As if I behaved, if mine the child arriving in such here way was my agemate and would live in mine house?, as if I behaved if my child was nineteen years old?Then arrive according to answers to these questions, treat yours to the child as you would treat the adult.There are some kinds of a rupture of the relations with the child, on which you can go.You can make so that your child lived with the relative.Son of Mr.and Mrs.

And what

Annie nodded.And you feel simply ill at ease continued mama.Yes confirmed with Annie.I am sick as a dog!What disgusting day!And you want, I will show you how to improve things?mother asked it.Then, at least, the whole other day will bring you joy and for you will not be lost.Well Annie agreed.And what I have to do?Sit down and listen attentively mother told and when you listen to it, your mood will improve.Annie took seat more conveniently, and mother began the story.

Her father

Despite all the problems, she responded to music which someone for it executed, enjoyed the soft, calming sounds.Her father, the professional musician, rejoiced to that music got a response in soul of his daughter with so unhappy destiny.Her father at least so thought, he put love to music in the daughter and surrounded it with fine sounds.What musical addictions of parents, whether they have music education, whether there are houses of a condition for listening or execution of music all this important factors for adjustment of communication between the house and a day hospital or school where are engaged with the child.

And once

When all family was assembled, played with the baby, but not with it.And I, what, am not necessary to them more?the Bear cub wondered.And so to it it became bitter that wanted even to leave the house.And once and it happened.The bear cub went on a forest path and thought how the Father and Mother are unfair to him.He wanted to punish them something: Here when I will die, they will understand whom lost, but will be late!From these a myskly tear welled up on eyes, so the Bear cub felt sorry for himself.

Because child

and nobody will tell Sit down to eat.And nobody will check, than you are engaged at home one.However, the last point even is pleasant to children still!the own master that I want, I do.Here also potential danger sits.Really: and what he / she will do houses one?It is good if you train children for this test in advance.Yes, to test.Because child still all the same small and inexperienced.And very active person.What does it mean in practice?

Means mother

So mother again agreed.And still, when you felt sure, you looked to me in the face and when was timid, you took away the eyes and looked somewhere aside.Yes, it is correct Annie told.Means mother continued now you already know a lot of things that is necessary to feel assured at communication with people.Absolutely not bad for a start.And what to speak to me when I approach them?asked Annie.All the time it seems to me that I will not find what to tell, or that I will look silly.

I expected

Hoped that she will weaken his alarms and tension, will create the safe environment in which it will be able freely to express and identify itselfhimself, will help it to perceive surrounding and to control the movements.I expected that musical occupations will serve as means to adjust the personal relations with adults based on trust and safety one of his main requirements.Also I wanted to bring salutary beauty in life of this poor boy.To adjust communication with Oliver, I from the very beginning used both receptive, and active techniques.

Such languages

It extends in all on boards it is similar to a boundless network, by means of which it is possible to express everything.Such languages as Sanskrit or Latvian, it is possible to learn for years and all the same not to seize them fully Stew.It is incomprehensible secret.For implementation of any of the projects people have to agree, and for this purpose to them common language is necessary.The speech a thing real and still from all the tools used by the person, the least tangible.

The fact that

The fact that you experience difficulty in relationship with the child, it can appear for both of you the beginning of a way to more free, full and to the happy way of existence connected with the updated system ideas of education.In what the ideas given above are wrong except for that important circumstances, what they do not work in your concrete case?We believe, their initial shortcoming consists in the following: they are based on a row the assumptions humiliating the dignity of your child and you and, therefore, rendering on both of you adverse, destructive effect.


Besides, they brought amazing idea to life: if bodies develop after emergence of the nervous centers, they Coghill G.?Anatpmy and the Problems of Behaviour.Cambridge University Press, nolzhna to be capable to take the form corresponding Fuels and lubricants to functions which they have to carry out in an okruzh to the yushchy environment.From this not only follows that behavior nasle it tsutsya that was already supposed concerning instincts, But also generates new idea that bodies are formed N compliance with a cycle of behavior of an animal in an okruzh to the yushchy environment.

And supervigilant

And other important question: whether you manage to expand them in process of growth of the child?Minus: your vigilance easily can turn into supervigilance.And supervigilant mother, and especially the father can not notice that raise the child under themselves as it is convenient to them.But when he will learn to think the head?Majority of answers of Century.You the training parent.Your big plus consists that you think of the future when teach the child to something.

Two rugs. On everyone

The child

I speak about other, about love level, which not Nov any more is neither individual, nor physical.To serve children means to feel that you serve spirit of the person, spirit, which it has to be released.Difference of this level was truly a mustache tanovleno not the teacher, but child.Teacher chuvst vut that it was lifted to earlier unknown to it heights.The child for put it grow, so far, at last, it did not appear in its circle.Before she thought that its task is noble, but a radova las to approach of vacation and, as all people working on others, hoped that to it will reduce number of working hours and will raise a salary.

Such mail

Such mail service can work some days, parallel to series of everyday occupations, making transfer, perhaps, the First in life letter which is often consisting of one word that is explained by the size of letters.Who knows as far as this pigeon imperceptibly and can obviously help with mastering reading and the letter … Having plunged into the abyss of geographical discoveries, having called itself to the aid the globe better shining for secret increase in spaces, and the basin is more; having built the ships from skorlupok nuts with masts of matches and multicolored sails, imperceptibly entering concept of width and longitude, it is possible to get into an ocean storm … And in waves the sea basin to find a bottle with the letter wrecked, appealing about the help.

We can easily

Nedo I is gatochno correct to choose words, is equally important them order in the offer.We can easily check it, if the item shpshy on a sheet of paper accurately formulated prebed scientific research institute.Then we will divide it by words and we will mix.Sense is chechit.The same words located in other order in have sense.It follows from this that word order also Yulzhen to be coordinated between lyudmi.In a Gaky way, language really is expression I my sort of superintelligence.

In process

Meanwhile, dear readers when we speak about the spiritual component of a method M., we mean not only the spiritual potential which is present at the child, but also and du hovny potential of the adult mother or the teacher.In process education and training as wrote M., we always we deal with interdependence or process of the vzaimody stviye of two spiritual potentials.Mother or the teacher, respecting spiritual identity of the child and put in him At As Rhoda mental opportunities, the cart serves disclosure of these mozhnost, providing the spiritual potential for a vospa Tania of the one who is put near her the Highest Will.

This voluntary

And always finished to that number which to itself and determined, sometimes even to , or , that is played without interruption ten minutes.This voluntary assumed task helped the boy to learn to control excellently the movements of fingers when pressing tool keys.Though Martin used unlimited freedom that concerned music, movements, use of tools and space, he found independence not soon.I had to support him not verbally, but it is musical, playing and moving together with him, inducing to realize musical sounds in the room which he could apprehend and somehow interact with them.


The true essence of reason consists volume to order and compare.Communications there are clear, contrast clear, contradictions conscious, conclusions made, and behavior the controllable.Various touch and motor from the knowledge turns in , become a flesh.This direction of development of the identity of the child is guided by the statement: In reason there is nothing such that would not be before in feeling.Materials answer aspiration to the movement at children.

The disciplining

If somebody began to attack thus your child, your protective reaction probably would be similar.Instead start conversation on with the spouse what difficult and painful relationship with his child is presented to you and ask, it could not help with it.Do not hurry to act as the mentor, and if by all means want to play this role, start it gradually.The disciplining requirements proceeding from the parent native by birth are supported with the longterm relations.Usually children rise if the uninvited newcomer suddenly starts establishing the rules.

She fell

Any change could infuriate Pamela.She fell on a floor, kicked subjects, stridently squealed, and I not movably sat and was silent.Pamela was physically strong, especially her fingers, she could break or bend everything that resisted her.Time went, her stubborn will power was directed already to more positive and purposeful course.And it promoted development of the identity shown in musical experiences.To me it was necessary to change the persuasive, stereotypic behavior of Pamela connected with musical occupations gradually and long.

As soon

When the horse with the girl pressed in a saddle at last stopped, they were surrounded by crowd.Now that's something like it!one eyewitness told.As soon as you managed to remain in a saddle?What you courageous!Well done!told another.Well, you know!I and could not keep minutes in a saddle told the third.How it you managed?!The composition of stories also stimulates your sense of humour and adjusts on a game, playful wave.Let's remember, for example, already mentioned problem connected with the boy who did not love mathematics.

! Primeneniye: considering

Oral lesson.It is devoted to names: the light dark, light is lighter the lightest, dark is more dark most dark, the lightest the most dark, is more dark, than is lighter, than.!Primeneniye: considering the color picture, the child has to call the colors familiar to it which are available on this picture and to show plates of the same flowers.Materials for distinction of a form Geometrical dresser Material: wooden box with drawers in it.The drawer contains various triangles: unequalateral obtusangular triangle, isosceles acute triangle, isosceles obtusangular triangle, isosceles rectangular triangle, equilateral triangle.

The case

And if only it, so after all still to be allowed to an independent prakta ke, young specialists have to ask about courtesy and the river mendation and to overcome considerable difficulties.Unfortunately, so occurs in all countries.The case is very indicative in New York where an organized procession passed hundreds you pusknik of the higher education institutions which did not manage to find work.They bore a trance parant with an inscription: We jobless and hungry.That to us lat?

The nature

On this at rank in our technique there was a new principle the principle indirect preparation.The nature works by this principle.Even on emb rionalny stage it forms bodies of how the individual will use them, and only when the mechanism already it is created, puts them in action.It follows from this that if the child seeks to develop in the second period those internal systems which it constructed in the first, we can use them as a provodna k for the subsequent.When mastering the speech, for example, we saw that during the first period the child passes through a row this the p ordered in the same sequence as in the textbook on grammar.

Looks and nearby

Then after all remembered.And I always believed in wizards and magicians!skakzat Lyonk.Looks and nearby there is nobody!The knee broken is, a rokdinka on a hand here it, and the magician was gone.Lyonka looked round around, sees mother to him hurries.You that it, fell?she asks.Poor you, poor!Strongly hurts?Lyonka remembered that the magician in the same way asked him, and laughed.See, you, were surprised mother.

And I told

When my daughter looked at me, in her eyes there was such melancholy, such uncertainty in the forces, such pain that I understood: if I now say or I will make something not that, to it it will be difficult, bad, heavy.And I told that not the pedagogical principles about which it is very much written in textbooks, and that prompted me heart prompted to me.To put the fat end to attempts of the child to achieve the objective very easily.Anything it is impossible to the kid, he is upset, is nervous, and it seems to you that he tries insufficiently.

They should

In this case parents need to change an educational system of the children.The most important to lift a selfassessment of compulsive children and children perfectionists.It is necessary to encourage them in manifestation of the emotions and to help them to be exempted from persuasive sense of guilt.They need to learn to be more indulgent and soft to themselves.They should not give up on tasks of which they are afraid and avoid by means of compulsive behavior.Teach them to solve a problem step by step.

The perfect

The brotherhood arises on the way of mistakes easier, than oyezuprechnost.The perfect person is not capable to change sya.If to bring together together two perfect people, they neiz bezhno will quarrel because any will not be able to understand another to suffer distinctions.Let's remember that one of the first exercises, which you our children this exercise with a set of cylinders polnyat equal height, but different diameter which corresponds to different openings in tree whetstone.

Ask to show

Ask to tell, what picture superfluous.Show to the child of the picture: apple, skirt, box, anchor.Ask to tell, what picture superfluous.Show to the child of the picture: coat, banana, melon, barrel, beads.Ask to show subjects which names would begin on.Show to the child of the picture: bag, fish, tank, pants, vase.Ask to show subjects which names begin on t.Show to the child of the picture: boots, umbrella, zoo, hat, lock.Ask to show subjects which names begin on з.

For the first

Eventually the medic found the kindergarten which appeared equivalent replacement to special game group for children with difficulties in training for Sara.For the first time Sara was accepted such what she is while in a local rural garden it was allocated against contemporaries with the inadequacy.Having moved to other area, the family found special game group for Sara.Its fifth birthday when it already had to go to school came nearer, and the psychologist came to occupations of group.

It is possible

Even better the example of a careless cat with the burned mustache works but we do not urge you to experiment on wild beasts, it can be simply bright example.It is possible even to arrange Advanced training courses when seniors I train younger in those skills to which those already grew.For the senior children advantage double: also will teach, and will repeat.However if you have a junior school pupil, as trained child you can act.At the same time learn, than they there in the yard are engaged.Mastering safety rules, place emphasis on tactile feelings!

Sallie stole

O of a .primeneniya of similar physical impacts we still will talk.They can srikoshetirovat, strike as if on you in case you not thought over them in advance and act without the total sincerity and confidence in to the correctness.Sallie stole many years and just returned from the receiver for minors where it was taken away for that found at it stolen.In the first day after its return home at mother was gone the new hair dryer.Mother was it is sure that Sallie gave or sold the hair dryer to the friends, but convincing it had no proofs.

Quite right

The concept of education in which center there is a care about the living being, changes all previous ideas.Being based any more not on the program, not on the schedule, education has to to correspond to living conditions of the person.In the light of it ubezh the deniye training of the newborn become unexpected business of paramount importance.Quite right that but the vorozhdenny baby cannot carry out anything yet, and therefore we cannot teach it in usual sense.It can be only object of supervision, studying, which we need to undertake to reveal its vital requirements.

We speak

!Solve quicker.We speak about it not to scarify domestic medicine, no.We simply want to pay your attention: people including doctors, happen different.By and large, health of your child in your hands.Be vigilant, treatment of the child it just that case when it is better to measure seven times.Address to doctors.BUT!do not trust blindly.If is though the slightest doubt, consult at different experts, collect a consultation, find out all subtleties of influence of preparations.

All right, the knowitall

Why you consider, what to me there has to be something?And the monster provocatively stared at Annie.I never in life never felt better it murmured and loudly sobbed.Annie reflected for some moments, then told: I know, in what your problems.Or, at least, one of your problems.One of my problems peevishly repeated a monster.All right, the knowitall in short panties, speak: in what my problem?You are angry Annie answered.And in it your problem.Of course, I am angry told a monster but it is not it.

She as though

The child feels in bigger safety if presses keys in turn up or down the register and in a row, without passing any, after all differently in this continuous sequence of notes hole would turn out.Gradually Pamela overcame this obsessional neurosis and already independently investigated a piano.She as though looked for something and often pressed a pedal, however its game was not neither artistic, nor attractive.Nevertheless the girl definitely expressed some part of, and musical occupations to it, undoubtedly, were pleasant.

After a long

Definition of an individual level of development of the child, personal contact, fixed attention to it have major importance.After a long and hard work with material it is necessary to fix the acquired skills and to enter the new concepts.It occurs at oral lessons.Similar lessons have to be threestage.st step: The teacher establishes connection between a subject and its name, that is he specifies regarding and is clear, accurate says its name.So the thing and the name strongly are associated with each other.

Jeffrey is no time

Its instinct prompted to it, what sounds to choose to follow laws of music.Jeffrey is no time acquired some theoretical principles, however they were not connected among themselves.As Jaffray trained his mother, I wondered, whether any emotional blockade aggravated intellectual violations of the boy.Direct music can satisfy the unripe child, it possesses an extensive arsenal of levers.Spontaneous reactions of Jeffrey to this nonverbal process were for both of us remuneration, having given to work promising start.

I gather. In an ideal

Over a playground

Here, be treated!Carat Kar Kar, the crow who sat on a tree at this time cried.And suddenly it turned into a column of black dust and was dissolved in air.Women!rang out somewhere away.It the volkshebny copper of Zlogulyi blew up.From where the warm wind arrived and dispersed gray clouds.Over a playground the bright sun again began to shine.In the evening all Anina the family sat at the TV and ate bakbushkina pies.Full Murka slept near a saucer with milk.

Even if the school

Important, the child by this time both physically, and spiritually will come how tempered.Even if the school is very desired for the child, it all the same a stress.Because it, in fact, the beginning of absolutely new stage of life where all in a different way where comes out on top you have to where children come off parents and is found by the companies, the hobbies and cares, the affairs.School days it is preparation in big life, that is check on durability.And parents gradually learn to treat the child in a different way.

Also it was noted

Therefore, at least at the first stages, those techniques of training which provide work with various objects and active actions, will be more useful, than what pay attention to exclusively visual stimulation, for example to pictures or oral explanations that is traditionally used in a case with ordinary children, but it does not suit for children with autism.Also it was noted that the child with autism perceives that he sees, it is not so good, as that it touches.It belongs and to acoustical perception.

My silent

I openly objected the boy, refusing to accept in our musical room that invariable scheme to which he got used at cool lessons of singing.Kevin did not take out when musical leaves were not pinned to a board on which he kompulsivno drove a finger, watching words.When I refused, he fell to a floor, stridently squealing and being kicked, however me did not attack.My silent resistance won against his rage which, eventually, abated.It forced it to reconcile with a situation and with itself.

It is a basis

Let's pass to spinning.By our analogy it correlates sya with formation of the personality which happens thanking to work and life in group.It is a basis only.If thread well the spryadena and strong, and fabric from it too will be strong.Quality of material which will be weaved, depends from a kacha thread stvo.It is obvious that this the first in what we owe Ube to get to as fabric from bad threads is useless.Then there comes the moment when threads are pulled on a frame so that they settled down in parallel and did not concern the friend the friend, also fix the small hooks located on each side frames.

The teacher

It runs a finger over the black line.The child puts other triangles on black lines.So from triangles quadrangles turn out.Some figures equal on the area, but various turn out on to form.The teacher brings a rectangular box The child puts blue triangles on a carpet.Teacher suggests the child to cover with blue triangles other figures.Here blue triangles there is not enough.Now the teacher induces the child to remove blue triangles from one figure and to cover with them serially figures of equal size.

It is possible

It is possible even not salty which specially do for a molding, and the most usual.Start to bake pies put dough, and let your daughter properly pomesit it: very much helps from anger and will do future pies only good.It is possible to shake up a nimbus manually!and long egg whites for meringue.If the son is angry offended at school, for example, this irritation will pour out on anyone for example, on parents.Do not reprimand send to wash though the same socks and a tshirt.

I have an otlichkny

What has happened?Valya was surprised.I have an otlichkny mood, but it could not share, even the sun hid for a cloud.Why all such sad?She went to a playground and met the grandmother who bitterly cried on the road.Why you, the grandmother, cry?Valya asked.I had a remarkable blue kerchief, the grandmother answers it, which I bought the beloved granddaughter.But today it was gone somewhere.Here Valya remembered the desire, a heap of things which lay at her place and that she saw this kerchief at herself yesterday.


Because too large number of things or more than one floor the ny set on group of thirtyforty people can at messages to chaos.Therefore we use a small amount subjects even if we have many children.Each subject exists in one copy, and if it it is occupied, and the child wants it to receive, then if it is norm the lizovanny child, he will wait until material is released.It leads to emergence of important social qualities.To Reba NOC comes to understanding of that it is necessary to respect work Wad Dra gy, and not because he was told so but because it is that reality which it faces in everyday life.

And Asya

And every day you become slightly another, better, is more senior, cleverer.It is rather simple to want very much, and at you everything surely will turn out.the caterpillar said the last words very in low tones and spread further.And Asya began to listen to herself, trying to pochuvstvokvat, where exactly in her good perekmena already begin.And something, really, changed.She did not know yet that, but in her there was some wise part which precisely knew as how to change to the best.

I! development

I sleep human nature it is really operated certain lovpy substance if it is so dependent on it that it Dfiyi iovleno all his behavior, then п&$веШ about the newborn baby there has to be a care about him psikhiche life oil, and not just only about body life that, unfortunately to and with goes today.I!development the child not only finds the capable The III person force, reason, language at the same time it I II ipyer the being to world around conditions.And his direct merit of that special psychological form, otory so distinguishes it from adults.

If you put in it the correct

If where it is pulled, is hazardous to health physical, social, moral, at it has to work an internal brake at some point.If you put in it the correct information in advance.To learn with an advancing it to work out beforehand those situations in which there can be your child.But it is necessary to repeat and fix.From once no skill can be developed, just as it is impossible to pump up bicepses from one training.It is necessary to come back again and again to the passable material, again and again to study safety rules.


Often it is closed in a carriage, And the ohm cannot see anything from this that occurs in okru lean world.ti adverse conditions of subjects are worse, than is more wellfounded and Mi.ya in which he was born.Fortunately, after war such The situation began to meet much less often.Falling blagoso Mishin and new social ideas helped children to return them Drivers in a bosom of communication and love.The treatment of children really has to consider sya as socially important question.


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